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One of my cupboards next to my bed has never closed properly and when, some time ago, I had a look why, I found that (now I don't know its name) the little thing shaped into an arrow fixed to the door and should squeeze thru another thingy wouldn't.   The thingy on the cupboard was not in the correct place.  Now how do I see exactly where this should be put.  It needs marking on the inside of the cupboard, but you have to close the cupboard door to see where it goes and then one cannot see thru the door.  Big problem. MLF. To do this without marking or damaging the outside of the cabinet. Undo the little thingy that is shaped like an arrow from the door and put it in the thingy it should squeeze through. Cover the back of the arrow shaped thingy with wet paint or any other substance like wax crayon or any brightly coloured ink that will not dry instantly. Press the door against the arrow shaped thingy. The back of the arrow shaped thingy should now have left an imprint on the door. Remove the arrow shaped thingy from the squeeze thingy and screw it onto the door exactly on the marking. Should fit now!! By the way the two thingys are known as a "gripper catch".