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This little bookstand is ideal for keeping books open and easy to read and takes up very little space on a desk or kitchen counter top.

Materials required:
One piece of 6 mm hardboard or plywood 360 mm x 200 mm
Sand paper
Sanding sealer
Paint or varnish

Coarse file or rasp

Right click on the pattern and select Save Picture As…. Save the picture in My Documents/My Pictures and print it from there.

Trace the pattern twice onto the wood (one upside down and slotting in with other to fit)



Using a jigsaw cut two pieces of 6 mm hardboard or plywood according to the pattern.
Cut a slot in each piece, one on the solid line and the one on the dotted line so that the two pieces when slotted together form a cross.
Bevel both pieces at 45° between A - A and B - B to give the stand a firm footing and a flat surface for the book to stand on.
Finish off with sandpaper, a coat of Sanding Sealer and a few coats of paint or varnish.